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 A Suite of Professional Marketing Solutions Under One Roof 

Digital Marketing

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Digital Edge is an advancing, transparent media company.  We are focused on fueling client growth through innovative media solutions.

Why Choose DigitalEdge

Cutting Edge

We produce high-end, unique, content specific to your brand and get it out to prospective customers using the most effective channels.


Small businesses are our bread and butter so flexibility is our game and you will find us great to work with. We can work with with your budget and scale up services as you grow. 

Staying Ahead

We are passionate about keeping up with all the changes on the digital landscape and are constantly looking for new and out of the box ways to increase the exposure of our clients. 


Our team consists of talented individuals with deep industry knowledge and experience. In our industry knowledge is vitally important for best results.



Our experience with Digital Edge has been nothing short of amazing. Working with them has benefited our business and its structure exponentially. We've been on the books with them for over six years now. Will continue to recommend them to any business owners in Oklahoma,
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Mark Knight

CEO, Knight Insurance

Testimonial coming soon.
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David Hayes

Founder, Nutrition Mission

Testimonial coming soon.
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Micah Mays

CEO, Beyond Massage

The Possibilities Are Endless

Some Favorite Clients



  • How much of a budget do I need to get started?
    It depnds on the service/s you desire. Working with small businesses we're used to being flexible.
  • How fast do you complete projects?
    Many things such as logos, other print promos and geofencing ads we average 48 hours or less. For website design 1-2 weeks is typical.
  • Can I use you guys for just one service?
    Absolutely! Most of our clients we gain through initially just doing a smaller project for.
  • Do you all have autodraft?
    Yes, we can set up any one-time recurring servives through our billing software.
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